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Key Findings & Market Size Presentation

This study is only available to URA members or those who completed the retailer survey. The URA would like to thank the retailers who completed the surveys in 2014 and sent out nurse survey links to their customers. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you!

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URA Scrub Market Study

In October 2014, the Uniform Retailers Association (URA) sponsored a landmark study of the U.S. scrub market so that we can all plan for business success and meet the evolving needs of nurses and other health care professionals. All surveys were anonymous and the study was produced for the URA by Hart Business Research, a leader in niche market studies.

The URA donated $3 for the first 200 completed nurse surveys to the National Student Nurses' Association Undergraduate Scholarship Program.

Report Findings
Health Care Staff Scrub Survey Results

  • About Your Workplace: nursing credentials, workplace type, practice area
  • What You Wear to Work: dress codes, types of tops and bottoms worn, designs, number of tops worn, if workplace provides scru
  • Scrub Feedback: likes, dislikes
  • Spending on Scrubs, Shoes, and Accessories for Work: amount spent per category, percentage of spending per retail type (brick-and-mortar, online, mass merchandiser, mobile truck, shoe store)
  • Scrub Shop Feedback: proximity of closest shop, importance of scrub shop features, desired improvements, marketing communication preferences
  • Your Most Recent Scrub Purchase: where purchased most recently, what was purchased (solid or print tops, bottoms, jackets, other), brands purchased
  • Purchase Decision Making: shopping motivations, product selection criteria, information sources
  • About You: age, gender, U.S. state
  • Data is from 1,445 respondents with results segmented for 600 RNs and APRNs, 200 LPNs and LVNs, 249 CNAs and STNAs, and 396 other health care staff such as medical and dental assistants.

Scrub Retailer Survey Results

  • Sales Data and Trends: number of store locations, sales channels (store, online, mobile unit, other), gross sales, growth 2009-2013, sales per product category, growth per category, sources of growth by customer segment or sales channel, sales by type of employer
  • Marketing: marketing methods with greatest sales impact, price-based promotional programs offered
  • Local Business Environment: number of nearby scrub retailers, number of nearby hospitals and portion with color dress codes
  • Business Statistics: profitability, owner income, spending with suppliers, inventory value, markup, discounting, size of sales floors, number and type of staff, business life stage
  • Business Practices: what has made their store successful, obstacles to success
  • Suppliers: suggestions for supplier improvements, product information sources, purchase criteria
  • U.S. Region
  • Data is from 186 scrub retailer respondents.
  • Key Findings
  • Background and Methodology

The Uniform Retailers Association (URA) is pleased to make this report available to URA members. The URA planned and sponsored this study because no other data is available regarding health care staff’s scrub preferences and purchasing habits and scrub retailer financial data, trends, and best practices. Use the report to help your business grow and prosper. Hart Business Research, a leader in niche market studies, independently conducted the surveys of health care staff and retailers for the URA in April and May of 2014.

Thank YOU!

The URA would like to thank the health care staff and retailers who completed the surveys in 2014. We couldn’t have done it without you. Five nurses and other health care staff won the drawing for $100 scrub store gift certificates. Three retailers won the drawing for $100 American Express gift cards. In addition, one lucky retailer won the grand prize drawing of two nights in the headquarters hotel for the October 2014 URA show in Charleston, SC. As part of the health care staff survey promotion the URA has donated $600 to the National Student Nurses' Association Undergraduate Scholarship Program.

If you have any questions about the URA Scrub Market Study, please contact the URA at