Award Winner

In 2016, the Uniform Retailers Association (URA), celebrated its 10th anniversary!  A milestone many businesses never see.  To celebrate the anniversary, URA held a drawing at the 2016 annual trade show and one lucky member went home with $10,000!  Congratulations Anthony Udeli of Discount Uniforms & More in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Anthony has been a member for all 10 years that the association has been in existence and was extremely surprised and honored to have his name drawn. He has attended all but one annual URA trade show.  

After returning home from the 2016 show, Anthony began to put the money to good use updating and beautifying his store.  He was in the process of moving to a new location so the money enabled him to not have to dip into his savings or take out a loan.  

Anthony thinks the URA has helped the industry in many ways.  One way is by giving retailers the ability to share their experiences with each other.  He also reported that “a lot of information is shared between retailers and experienced speakers and presenters at the show.”  Shared knowledge is priceless and instrumental in keeping our industry alive.

Even before winning $10,000, Anthony believed in the URA and its mission and encourages other independent retailers to join and share their knowledge.