Member Spotlight - July/Aug 2017

Uniform Headquarters, inc.

July/Aug 2017 Member Spotlight - Kimberly Davis


When did you open your first store? UHQ has been in business since 1970, we purchased in 1994. We currently maintain 3 physical locations and a mobile sales unit.

City/State your primary store is located: Paducah, KY

List one recommendation you have for a new independent uniform business owner? Be willing to accept what you do not know and continuously get involved in learning everything you can about our industry. Never be afraid to change and evolve!

What is your best source of local advertising? Social Media

What got you started in the uniform business? In 1994, the uniform store presented itself for sale to my in-laws, who are in the pharmacy business in Western Kentucky. They suggested my husband and I give it a shot. We were just engaged at the time. I worked for the store for a couple of months for free to see if I would enjoy this industry. I knew immediately I could do this and perform even better! We tell everyone, we had to get married we were in debt and in business together!

What is the funniest moment you have had in the uniform business? A southern lady never tells....I would be telling on myself!

What do you think your customers appreciate most about your business? I truly believe our service level and knowledge of the products while keeping the stores fresh with our ever changing industry is what drives the customers to our store. We love what we do!

Where do you see your business in the next few years? Hopefully growing!

How long have you been a URA member? Since day one! I am a tried and true URA member. I believe in everything this organization stands for. URA brings retailers not only together with other retailers across the country but also continues to assist in the relationship building with our manufacturers. You have to ask yourself what other industry provides a forum for retailers to network and share our strengths to encourage prosperity!

What is your favorite memory of a URA trade show? I loved the first one! I had the opportunity to participate in calling retailers encouraging attendance, behind the scenes preparation and fill in modeling from myself and other retailers. It was a blast to watch it all come together and every year is better and better!

What could URA do to help you as a member? URA is wonderful! Keep on doing what you do!